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Used Tablets Collection and Trade


Used Tablets Collection and Trade

Greenrev has been making a strong entry into the trade of Used Tablets. We are growing fast our trade and collections network and partners to match the fast increasing worldwide numbers of sold tablets. We target tablets which are defective at the factory end, outdated and unsold stocks, once refurbished and once used.

Currently we are dealing with used tablets of brands like Samsung and Apple and others. Our client base includes used tablet refurbishers and recyclers as well as traders and dealers. We have established tie ups with recyclers who dispose off old electronic equipment responsibly with proper data cleansing activity. Our market presence is increasing steadily and our product team expects that our volumes will boost significantly in the next two years as the tablets start replacing smart phones more and more across the world and as people start carrying around tablets more.

Types of tablets we look into are e-readers, tablet mobiles, tablets PCs, dashboard mobiles and others.

We deal in all Major Brands: Apple, Samsung, HP, Lenovo, Sony ASUS, Acer, Blackberry, Toshiba, Motorola, HP, HTC, Dell, Sony.

To know more about our ?Used Tablets? line, kindly get in touch with our Relationship Manager ? Steve at

Several of the above mentioned brands are in stock with us: You may view our stock list placed on the top right side of the page by just clicking on it. Plus our lean supply chain enables us to source requirements very quickly.
All products that we deal in are OEM products. Hence, the originality of the inventory can be considered 100% assured.

Our Environmental Policies & Practices:
We are harnessing the residual commercial value in these electronic products after they have been once used. Indirectly we are contributing to the environment concerns of the world environmental leadership. The objective of our collection program is to ensure that maximum number of may be stopped from being dumped into the Landfills. We ensure that the electronic items/tablets are channeled to new users or refurbished, reprocessed, disintegrated or disposed off via partners who maintain statutory and data security practices.

We at Greenrev are creating policies and practices that is expected to be a benchmark in due diligence.

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