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Used Laptops Collection and Trade



Used Laptops Collection and Trade

Greenrev is harnessing its supply chain network across the world to establish itself as global market player in trading and collection of Used Laptops. We deal in Subnotebooks, notebooks, rugged laptops, desktop replacements, ultralight laptop and tablets. Our Customer base revolves around Refurbishing companies, Used Electronics Dealers and Recyclers. We collect laptops in different stages in their lifecycle ? once used, once refurbished, minor factory defective or old and obsolete models as well. Unsold or stocked, surplus laptops is also a domain we are making entry into. We ensure that the laptops are complete with all parts available.

We deal in laptops which have mostly minor defects based on the following grading scale:
iconA Class - Brand new in-the-box products (unsold stock/under liquidation)
iconB Class - Complete units which are nearly new and with excellent functional and cosmetic condition
iconC Class - Typically fully functional complete units with just normal wear and tear condition
iconD Class - Functional units with minor cosmetic damage or without the Adapter
iconE Class - Functional units with Major Cosmetic Damage and or missing components ? we generally don?t deal in this grade unless for e-scrap dealers.

We Deal in all Major Brands: DELL, HP, Acer, ASUS, Samsung, Sony, Toshiba, Compaq, High Spec, Fujitsu, IBM, Lenovo, Apple.

Reach out to us at , for a better understanding on Used Laptops Trading.

Several of the above mentioned brands are in stock with us: You may view our stock list (Sell List) or requirement list (Buy List) placed on the top right side of the page by just clicking on it. Plus our lean supply chain enables us to source requirements very quickly.
All products that we deal in are OEM products. Hence, the quality of the inventory can be considered 100% assured.

Our Collection Process
We collect Used Laptops in order to make them accessible to not only the recyclers, part dealers and refurbishers and resellers and hence more suitable for reuse. Our goal is to turn everything we collect into a reusable stream of components or commodities. Greenrev has raised the bar for the recycling industry by employing its own ?Reduce, Reuse, Recycle? policies and practices in service of the environment?s needs.
We package the Used Laptops in Own or Company Box and also in certain cases as per demand of the customers with proper separators between individual laptops. Minimum lot sizes are 50-100 laptops.

Environment Fact!!
That?s around 112,000 desktops and laptops discarded per day! The environment impact is immense.

We are trying to commercialize the environment concerns through our business practices there is a sustainable process. The negative impact of electronics can be reduced in a sustainable way using an effective environment reengineering supply chain. We are a part of that chain.

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