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Used Clothing Collection and Trade



Used Clothing Collection and Trade

We are traders of used clothes. As a widely networked supply chain, we are rapidly spreading our services all over the world. We’re interested in looking for suppliers/customers/ partners dealing with different fabrics, especially the vintage/fashion/theatrical collection and household textile/ fabric. As of now, we deal in both- pre-consumer & post- consumer Textile Wastes.

Our Product Mix:

Each of these mixes is made, keeping in mind the needs of the buyer. The clothes received are sorted, graded, repacked according to their durability, quality and other properties, and stored in standard packaging so that the buyer receives the required material at demand on time. We deal in:

  • iconSummer Mix
  • iconWinter Mix
  • iconMixed Summer & Winter
  • iconMixed Branded Jeans
  • iconMixed Ungraded/Unsorted
  • iconDenim cut shorts
  • iconLinens: cotton, embroidered, dye-ables
  • iconSweatshirts
  • iconSweaters
  • iconLeather Jackets
  • iconFur coats
  • iconCoats
  • iconWool blankets

Reach Our RM

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We are one of the proud members of SMART. Secondary Materials and Recycled Textiles (SMART) is an International Trade Association dedicated for serving and promoting the textile recycling industries. Millions of individuals benefit every year from the products, operations, and programs created by the recycling of textile waste.

Product Handling:

Our Grading Mode:

Industry standards are firmly maintained to identify the quality of the fabric received. We at Greenrev grade the received goods after sorting them into:

  • iconGrade AAA  - premium quality
  • icon Grade AA
  • iconGrade A
  • iconGrade A+B
  • iconGrade B
  • iconGrade C

Our Supply Chain Value Proposition:

We have a systematic method of grading that guarantees you ‘quality used clothing’ on a consistent basis. We procure from different countries around the globe. Once the fabric reaches our warehouse; the unsorted bundle is sorted. It is essential to understand the specific requirements of the market you are buying for, as each market is unique.  Thereafter we pack customized bales of secondhand clothing of 45 kg and 100 kgs.

Greenrev’s quality secondhand clothing sells in all markets worldwide. Within a very short span of time our used clothing bales have earned a reputation for value – ‘the highest quality clothing sold at competitive prices’!

Understand the Textile Waste:

Statistics show that millions of people dispose of over 4 billion tons of worn clothing and textiles annually. Trading, recycling and reusing clothing ensures it does not become such a municipal waste. ‘Textiles’- As a commodity with literally no end-of-life, except wear and tear/damage, it has a longer demand cycle in the market. We are major suppliers of bulk used clothing, second hand clothes, recycled used summer and winter mixes, rummage, rags, worn apparel and garments anywhere in the world.

  • iconPre-consumer textile waste - consists of by-product materials from the textile, fiber and cotton industries. Each year 750,000 tons (approximately) of such pre- consumer waste is recycled into new raw materials for varied uses aimed at automotive, furniture, mattress, coarse yarn, home furnishings, paper and other industries. Through the efforts of this industry alone, approximately 75 percent of the pre-consumer textile waste is generated, which is diverted from our landfills and recycled.
  • iconPost-consumer textile waste - consists of any type of garments or household article, made of some manufactured textile that the user decides to discard. These articles are discarded off either because they are worn out, damaged, outgrown, stained or have gone out of fashion. They are sometimes given to charities/trust/aid organizations but more typically are disposed of as waste into the trash and end up as municipal waste.

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