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Used Cell Phones Collection and Trade


Used Cell Phones Collection and Trade


Greenrev is a worldwide collector and trader in Used Cell Phones collecting from retail and local level collection points as well as from other global traders and suppliers worldwide. It then supplies to the remanufacturing and reuse industries for value addition, packaging and resell. In this way the used cell phone has a second lease of life in the consumer value chain before it reaches end of life.

Greenrev also collects the cell phones and channels them to recycle partners for end-of-lifecycle treatments for material recovery.

Cell Phone BRANDS & OEMs

We deal in all major brands such as: Nokia, Motorola, Panasonic, LG Maxon, Sony Ericsson, Sagem, Ericsson, Sharp Mitsubishi, Philips, Alcatel, Haier, NEC, Bosch, Samsung.

We also deal in other used handheld devices such as Apple, ASUS, Blackberry, Casio and allied brands such as HP, HTC, HUAWEI, KYOCERA, Palm, Sanyo, Siemens, Vodafone, UT Starcom.

All products that we deal in are OEM products. Hence, the quality of the inventory can be considered fully assured.


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A quality and category grading norm is maintained by us. All the models in stock are subject to grading in terms of quality check on the working conditions and operational settings of the cell phone. The products are then traded in only based upon the grading post inspection. This is called the Primary Grading.

PRIMARY GRADING - Product Condition Assessment

This refers to a process we follow by which we conduct an external review, assessment, and audit of the Cell Phone. A set of testing procedures are undertaken to classify them into different groups and identifying their damaged status. All our products are tested and assured for the next leg of the supply chain.

The set of classifications are as follows :


Products that will be categorized as ?verified? and ?tested? are as follows :

  • icon Products with good external cosmetic conditions (no noticeable scratches or damages).
  • icon The total working condition (power tested, LCD functioning, speaker and Mic test, keypad functioning) of the product.
  • icon Only those cell phone sets are considered as tested which have batteries but the charger is not a mandatory requirement.


  • icon Products that cannot be tested in any manner or generally untested products fall under this category.


The products are considered to be in damaged condition when we receive :

  • icon Sets with either internal or external defects (No Power up, Damaged LCD, Circuit Damage, non-functional keypad).

In this case as well the cell phone sets are acceptable with or without batteries. After primarily classifying the goods into tested, untested and damaged, the products are graded to become a part of the stock.

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