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Collection and Trade Services

Greenrev provides excellent services to all business partners. Our Inspection department is constantly updated with latest industry developments and inspection parameters are revised accordingly. Our core policies revolve around building a company with impeccable ethics and strong CRM strategies with emphasis on relationship management.
We provide services to our trade and collection business partners in the following areas:

We inspect according to standardized Inspection Policies and Criteria fitted to the product.
iconScientific packing
We work with Standardised packing norms fitted to the Customer needs.
iconCustomer/Supplier Service
We work with the Customers and Suppliers till the end of the lifecycle of the deal and ensure that after sales service is provided. End goal is continued business partnership.
iconLogistical Support
We have set up worldwide network of own and third party service providers so that pick up and delivery of shipments are streamlined.
iconDefective?s  Management
We carry out an end of life analysis of defectives and either recycle or cannibalize them.

Our Core Team

Relationship Management and Customer Service are two of our Core Teams to manage the Business Relations.

We have a dedicated staff to handle customer and supplier queries. We believe in providing detailed information at all stages to our customers and suppliers alike.

This includes detailed reports for inspection, MIS, transactional and tracking reports for the consignments or shipments.

Our hallmark is our customer service. To this end, we have implemented CRM strategies and placed Key Account Managers to handle individual client accounts.


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