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Recyclable Products for Trade

Greenrev specializes in Recyclable Materials Collection and Trade in the post consumer or used products value chain. We have built an elaborate global collection program with active presence in all major countries in the world. We focus on used printer cartridges, cell phones, tablets, digital cameras, laptop & clothing business. Our product knowledge is highly organized and streamlined to address the requirements of our Customers.

Wastes are categorized into three:

  • iconConsumer Waste
  • iconMunicipal Waste
  • iconIndustrial Waste

Our supply chain has been designed and streamlined to handle consumer waste. Consumer e-waste produces substantial environmental damage if discarded after single use.

We deal in the following variants of each product:

  • iconOne time used product namely 'Virgin'
  • iconUsed Refurbished product namely 'Non Virgin'
  • iconUnused Defective or Damaged product
  • iconUnused Expired product
  • iconScrap or beyond repair product
  • iconUnused surplus stock product

Our Product Mix:

We deal in the following ‘Used Products’ categories. Explore our product icons on the left hand margin to know more.

iconUsed Printer Cartridges
We deal in the supplies of Inkjet Printers, Laser printers, Fax machines, and Copier machines. Go to the ’Used Printer Cartridges ‘page to view the complete details on the brands we deal in.
iconSurplus Printer Cartridges
An expired printer cartridge is a printer cartridge which has crossed the date of available warranty printed on it by the OEM who has manufactured the cartridge. Go to the ’Surplus Printer Cartridges’ page to view the complete details on the brands we deal in.
iconUsed Cell Phones
We deal in all major brands of used cell phones. Go to the ‘Used Cell Phones’ page to view the complete details on the brands we deal in.
iconUsed Clothing
We have entered this trade recently and we trade in used clothes in standard bales of 45 kg and 100 kgs. Enter our ‘used clothing’ page to know more about the categories and grades of textiles we deal in.
iconUsed Tablets
Larger than a cell phone or personal digital assistant (PDA’s), a Tablet is integrated into a flat touch screen and primarily operated by touching the screen rather than using a physical keyboard. It often uses an onscreen virtual keyboard, a passive stylus pen or a digital pen.
iconUsed Laptops
Laptops were a rage with their easy to use features and advantage of being portable. It has replaced the traditional desktop computer across continents. We deal in used laptops, which are now increasingly becoming a fashion statement amongst its users.
iconUsed GPS Devices
GPS systems have found a vast range of uses since their introduction to the public in late eighties. Today, if you need to know where you are, where you’re going, or how to get there, GPS receivers can do the job. GPS units are also widely used as vehicle tracking devices.
iconUsed Digital Cameras
Digital Cameras have replaced the traditional cameras because of their simple-to- use features, stylish exteriors, easy handling and convenient storage. Most of us, with passage of time are prone to changing digital cameras to suit lifestyle and personality traits.

We are in the process of building supply chains for other streams as well.

Statutory Note: We deal only in OEM versions of the above variants. We do not deal in any clones/fake or compatible products.


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